One of the services Madeira Company offers is Quality Consultation. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions that will explain Quality Consulting and how it may help your business.

  • What is Quality Consulting

Quality Consultants are external or third-party resources that can offer independent advice to organisations with the goal of improving the quality of the company’s products, internal procedures, and services. Essentially, a service that offers support, or technical talent, carrying out internal audits to help organisations achieve successful project outcomes, corporate compliance or quality standards.

  • What parameters does the diagnostics focus on?

Every business is different. Our experienced Quality Consultants offer a preliminary review of the business/organisation, audit processes and examine ways to streamline operations. The goal of the organisation may be restructured to achieve greater profitability, so our team would examine their business structure and create a plan for the business to reach its goal of greater profitability, relief of debt or the termination of unprofitable contracts.

  • Is it a much-requested service?

Absolutely. Organisations and businesses of all sizes transition through a period where they must re-evaluate their processes, in order to remain competitive and above all profitable. Our Quality Consultant team handle requests from clients in Madeira often and looks to offer added value to their businesses wherever possible. No matter the size of your business, from start-up to international organisation, working with a Quality Consultancy firm can add value to your business and identify opportunities that may be missed otherwise.

  • Does it fundamentally change the total operation of the company?

There are several reasons why an organisation may choose to work with an external Quality Consultant. A business may look to restructure in order to avoid bankruptcy or insolvency. In this instance, a full company restructure may be required. This may include the redundancy of some of their workforce, pausing or making amendments to their debt repayments, and rejecting unprofitable contracts. Other companies may wish to analyse their processes, policies, and compliance to ensure they remain stable, profitable and can focus on growth.

If you wish to discuss Quality Consulting further, contact a member of our team today and let us talk you through all of the benefits and applications, individual to your business requirements.

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