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Company Registration and Formation

Madeira Company specialises in the incorporation and registration of new businesses and companies in Madeira and Portugal. We have an experienced team ready to assist you with all aspects of company formation. Whether you choose a Public (S.A) or Limited (LDA) company, our team offer thorough guidance and expert support with name registration and approval, certificate of incorporation, fiscal number, and opening a company bank account.

Registration of Companies in Madeira Free Trade Zone, (MIBC)

Discover how you can benefit from the formation of your company in Zona Franca da Madeira and the IFTZ. Madeira Company offers comprehensive support in preparing all the necessary documentation required to join the MIBC. Enjoy the benefits of tax reductions for companies registered in Madeira IBC, while observing specific requirements pre-established by the European Union and guaranteed until 2027.


Bookkeeping and accounting services, including VAT, Profit Tax returns and the preparation of financial statements. Our expert team can discuss the level of support required for your business. We will assist you with VAT and tax returns to your local authority, periodic and annual reporting as well as your End of Year accounting.

Tax Consultancy

Efficient tax planning is a core requirement for any business, as well as individuals living in Portugal. Our dedicated team offers advice on compliance with local taxation requirements, and assistance in tax refunds and tax litigation. Madeira Company works with you to mitigate your tax risks and improve the efficiency of your local and international operations in Madeira. Our in-house team of experienced tax professionals are ready to assist with Personal Income Tax, Non-Habitual Residency and Fiscal Representation.

Quality Consulting

Our experienced team of Quality Consultants offer third-party, independent advice to organisations and businesses, looking to improve the quality of a company’s products, internal procedures, and services. We offer technical talent that can carry out an internal audit of your business to help you achieve successful project outcomes, adhere to corporate compliance, or improve your quality standards. We specialise in business restructuring, offering you advice that will allow you to reach greater profitability or restructure company debt.

Management Consulting

Our team of experienced Management Consultants work with your company leadership to enhance and grow your business, studying economic and financial viability, organisational structure, and the renegotiation of financial liabilities. We can offer advice on taxation, formulate applications for investment support, and help you implement solutions for any areas of your business which require improvement.

Business Plans and Corporate Restructuring

Madeira Company offers an individual approach to Company and Corporate Restructuring that can aid you in achieving growth, maintaining economic stability, complying with new local authority or government policies, and allowing your business to become more globally competitive. Our experienced team can work with you to design a business plan aimed at modifying your business or capital structure and operations to achieve greater profitability, stability, and growth.

Registration of Ships and Yachts in MAR

Madeira Company has extensive experience with the registration of yachts, and vessels and the management of shipping companies in Madeira (MAR). We offer advice and support for the documentation required to be submitted to the Technical Commission of MAR for analysis and approval. The information and documentation can vary on whether a temporary or permanent registration is required.

Financial and EMoney Licenses


Support and Application for a range of Fin-Tech Licenses around the world, including:


Small Payment Institution (SPI) Licence in the United Kingdom

Money Service Business (MSB) License in Canada

Portuguese Virtual Asset (Cryptocurrency) License

Authorised EMoney Institution (AEMI) License in the United Kingdom


As part of these services, we provide all ancillary documentation to be included with the application, including; KYC Documentation, Business Plans, Money Laundering Prevention Manuals and IT Systems Descriptions.

About Us

MC Contabilidade provides a wide range of services for our clients from various areas, namely:

  • Shipping companies;
  • Real estate companies;
  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Transportation companies;
  • IT Sector;
  • Law firms;
  • Consulting Agencies;
  • Translation and Entertainment Companies;
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges; 
  • EMoney Institutions; 
  • Designers;
  • Gyms, beauty salons, photographers, car wash spaces, among others.

By working with our team, you will be assured of continuous monitoring without interruption in case of illness or vacation. We ensure strict compliance with deadlines and full responsibility for the work carried out by us.

Our values


At MC Contabilidade you will find competent professionals who will work to give you an effective and correct answer to complete the tasks in the desired time. Our duties are never interrupted, ensuring a follow-up continuously.

Personalized service

We work according to customer needs, depending on their requests and needs, always offering the best possible service. Whenever necessary, we can choose to work via remote communication.

Experienced team

Our team members are very experienced professionals with extensive knowledge, we constantly improve, expand our capabilities in various sectors of accounting.

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